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 Our Stories 

We have done our best to connect with Cecilia and get photos and stories. As you can, see some of the photos are quite blurry. Cecilia has a phone which she takes pictures with and sends to Technology Solve to post and some days she cannot charge her phone at all. Some guests and visitors also send us their photos. We will upload more stories as they come.


"Kian came to the orphanage when he was 1 month old. The mother was at our orphanage before and was transferred to another orphanage by charity commission. One year and 5 months later, we were called by an orphanage that she needed to come back to our orphanage. When we refused, she told them that she will leave the baby and leave. That's when I sent transport - we didn't know she had a baby. When they arrived, we realized that she didn't want the baby. We used to force her to breastfeed, wash napkins and baby clothes. We tried talking to her asking about who the father was but she was just crying for 2 months. Weeks later, she totally refused to breastfeed the baby and we didn't want to force her. He is now one year old and doesn't know the mother. He calls me (Cecilia) and the other aunties as his mother. We are asking if he can go to school next year because there is no one to look after him at home."

Blessings Musale.jpg


"He has both parents who are struggling with mental health and his mother is from a child headed family whose parents died a long time ago. No one was willing to accommodate them. She found a boyfriend when she was 15 years old and unfortunately, she got pregnant and blessings was born. Due to poverty, she was not able to find food that, and that is how she came to the orphanage. We decided to enroll the mother back into school and next year she will be finishing her grade 12."

Emmanuel & Sherry

Brother & Sister


Irene is the oldest of 4 in her family. She lost her father, and her mother could not afford to care for her, so she came to the orphanage. She would like to study to be a nurse after she completes Grade 12. She would love if someone could help her pay for her education.


Rodgers came to the orphanage because his father couldn't afford to pay for his schooling. He is now in Grade 12, and hopes to further his studies afterwards and wants to become an accountant. It would make him very happy if someone could help him do this.


Judith lost both of her parents when she was 9 years old. She made her way to the orphanage when she was 15. She has completed her schooling and would like help with further education.


Story Coming soon.


Story Coming soon


Chrissy lost her mother when she was 12 years old. She is the oldest of 9 children. Her father could not afford to care for all of the children and send them to school. Chrissy would like help to pay for her education. She is going into Grade 7.


Ellionah came to St Cecilia's when she was 17. Cecilia helped her get back into school, and she has now completed Grade 12. If she passes her exam, she would like to get into nursing school.

Augustine & Innocent

Their father passed away when they were 6 and 8 years old. Their mother could not afford to keep them in school so they had to drop out. They didn't go to school for 2 years. Their mother found St. Cecilia and sent her sons here to finish their education. Augustine and Innocent want to be a lawyers.


Ackson came to St. Cecilia when he was 16 years old. He is now 23. He lost both of his parents, and could not attend school. He looked for jobs, but found it difficult to find one. Once almost all hope was lost, he found Cecilia and asked for help. He has now completed his Grade 12. If he passes his exam, he wishes to study to become a lawyer. He hopes that someone is able to help him with his tuition to do so.

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