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 About the Orphanage 

In 2012, Cecilia took in 4 children, abandoned by their parents, ranging in age from 7 to 3 years old. Due to high poverty, or other reasons, many more children have been left to Cecilia since then. The orphanage now has 45 children, including two babies under 2 years old. 

The children are cared for by Cecilia and her sisters, as well as some of the older orphans. They do not have the means to hire help. The children survive off of one meal per day, which comes from the garden they grow or from donations from well wishers. 

Our journey is one that is working towards self sustenance. We believe that just because our lives have taken a turn, it means that we have the opportunity to be creative, hard working, and strive for a beautiful life for ourselves.

We are pioneers of "Stand Alone Spirit". Our aim is to make a difference in society by planting a seed of change, hope and hard work in all people.

Below are some videos and photos of our orphanage.

How Technology Solve Helps

Technology Solve is working to support St. Cecilia by providing them a platform to raise money and a means of communication with the world. Our long term goal and commitment is to establish a self sustainable orphanage that shelters, nurtures and develops children for the world. We manage their website and fundraising, and manage the funds collected and how they are used.  

Read more about Technology Solves working with St Cecilia. 

St Cecilia has a facebook page that communicates directly with Cecilia.

Tour of St. Cecilia

Cecilia gives a small tour of the inside of St Cecilia Orphanage, including the kitchen, wood storage and boys room.

Kitchen & Boys Room
- After Rain Storm -

After a long rain, the orphanage has areas where it floods with water, including the entrance to the boys room. If there is a lot of rain, the boys who usually sleep on the ground no longer have a dry place to sleep. She was told this would cost K55,000 (~$4,500 CAD) to fix.

Flooding video

Exterior of St Cecilia Orphanage

Cecilia shows us the exterior of their home, which is in need of repair and paint. A portion of funds raised is to make their home a safe and comfortable place to live.

Exterior video

Crops & Farming

The orphanage has two farms. In this video, Cecilia shows their large plot of land where the okra and tomatoes have dried up and died. There is a small river beside the plot, however they can only fill buckets and manually water the entire plot. The farm is also quite a distance from their home - but that won't stop them on their journey to be self supporting. 

As Cecilia said in this video, a pump would be extremely beneficial to help them water and grow their food here, as it is extremely difficult to water it all by hand. A portion of funds raised would be used for a pump for this farm plot and their other one as well.

Crops video
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