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All monies raised will go into a donation fund for the orphanage. We will work closely with Cecilia to ensure they get the funds needed for daily necessities, projects to improve their home and sustainability, as well as education.

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College Sponsorship

Ellionah Chisi 18(F) - Diploma in Nursing

Judith Malambo 18 (F) - Degree in Law

Augustine Munthali 17(M) - Degree in Law

Gibson Chirwa 17(M) - Electrical Engineering

Ackson Mwale 20(M) - Mechanical Engineering

Pearson Sakala 17(M) - Degree in Law

Evelyn Mkandawire 21 (F) - Degree in Economics

Mwiza Mkandawire 21(F) -Degree in Law

Bertha Cole Thole 27(F) - Diploma in Nursing


By raising $20,000, this will pay for:

  • 1 year worth of food for the children - they currently eat one meal per day.

  • Repair of the entry to their home, which floods often, rendering the boys room unusable. When it rains, many of the boys can no longer sleep on the floor, and there are no beds for them. (They were quoted K55,000 $4,500 CAD) See Video

  • Materials to fix the exterior walls, as they are crumbling apart and very dented. They would also like to paint them. See Video

  • Clothing

  • Education

  • Medication

  • Water pump for their farm, so they can easily get water from the stream up to their crop. Their crops fail because it is too labour intensive to hand carry all of the water needed. See Videos

  • Solar panel for electricity, as they do not have power where they live.


Their goal is to do as much as they can on their own; to work together to make their own money and provide their own food. But like all of us, we need a boost to get started.


Cecilia is a wonderful and extremely grateful person. She is excited at the thought of being able to provide her children with the best lives that she can. With our help, we can change the lives of 45 children. And those 45 children will be an inspiration and be given the chance to help others.

Fundraisig Goal Details
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