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Planting a seed of
change, hope
& hard work

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GoFund Me is LIVE
GOAL: $20,000 CAD


Located in Zambia, Africa, St. Cecilia is an orphanage that is home to over 40 children. Our journey is one that is working towards self sustenance. We believe that just because our lives have taken a turn, it means that we have the opportunity to be creative, hard working, and strive for a beautiful life for ourselves.

We are pioneers of "Stand Alone Spirit". Our aim is to make a difference in society by planting a seed of change, hope and hard work in all people.

 How to Help 

Clothing, Supplies and Food

We do need a variety of day-to-day items, such as groceries, clothing, health products like toothpaste & soap, bedding, as well as a medical back up fund for any illnesses that arise.

One month of groceries making 2 meals a day for 40+ children = $700 CAD

There are also many repairs that need to be made on our buildings - from exterior walls to rain-proofing.

Supporting Self Sustaining

Our goal is to be self sufficient and learn the knowledge and skills to provide for ourselves.


We can grow our own food, including gardening and raising animals.

We have farm land 45km from our orphanage. We can only get to by car and yet we have no car. Maintaining irrigation is difficult with its distance and limited water access. 

We are working to raise money to purchase a pump and a solar panel to help grow food.


Giving these children the best opportunity to leave the orphanage with skills and knowledge to care for themselves is absolutely critical. Finding work in Zambia is hard. Our goal is to set these children up for their best chance. 


What stands in the way of education for our children is the funds to attend class, and the travel time to walk there.

 Our Family 


This contact form goes to a liaison to the orphanage in Manitoba, Canada, Technology Solve

Orphanage located in Zambia, Africa

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